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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  February 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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repoots &pfrom city hall the mayor came up with some possiile solutions solltions n her statteof the city address today..... today..... 3 melinda: the mayor ssys we haae to take drrstic teps... starttng with retirement peform. that may not sit weel & with city worrers... innluding - public ssfeey. but she saas pi's necessaryy15:13:49-58 "baltimore's ensioo system for ivilian workees n the - only large syytem in maryland that doesn't require aay employee contriiution. ttat & must chaage..mayor stephanie rawlings-blake wants to create a 401-k style offretirement for all new hhres. doing away with the price pensionnprograa wwnts to crrate a hybris - pension plan for public safety union ooficials are skeptical..- 15:33:32 bob cherry: : "i still thiik that when it omes - to any type of channee likee that it affects he type of
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recruit you're gonna bring here.. and it's gonna affect -&pnot. i think it does.. elinda: the mayor wants firefighters to work an extra ten houus per week.... shee workforce by ten percent.... -3 and she is lloking to creaae a new trash collection fee..ity council would have to approve thhttone. ffom city hall 45 news lateeeditiin. 3 thaatbrings us to our questioo &pof you think city leaders will be able to - crisis? 3 a lot offinteresting responses facebook-dot-com-sllsh-fox &pbaltimore to weigh-in. p3 3we'reefollowing breakkng news out oo...west baltimore... where a man ...has to... north stticker street... near riggs avenne... was rushed... to shockk
11:02 pm critical conddtion. no word... on a suspect or motive. 3pp baltimore city policc make found deaddinna house fire. fire. olice say monte carter kklled jennifer conyyrs friday.. then stole her cca and atm card while hhr hhuse burned on highgate drive. cooyers wass oond tied up with electrical cords and ttpe. - she'ddbeen beaten and her odd &p carttr was arreeted after police found him in west baltimore... coveeee in blood... and driving the victim's car. 3 (guglielmi) "he additttd to partyyng with a friend and abusing drugs..ttking mss conyers' ersonal effects ann & ultimately coming back and allegedly killing herr" &ppolice aa arter 3 met conyers through an oolinn ddting website months ago.
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worker with the city's heelth department. she was 32- p3 a... high sccool teacher... was... killed this mrning... hit... a school bus. happened before .... ttis -33 morning... in westminster... on... sullivvn road... near... route 27..../ witnesses... say... a ford focus... veered... acrosssthe center- -3 line... of the road... s... it entered... a turn... hittingg.. thh schooll &pbus...//.the... driver of the car... 24- year- old... devinnspence... -3 was killed.../ no sttdents... p on... the bus... pere njjred...///.spence... was... a... math annhester -3& vallly high school..- 3 people are alleady discussing -3 who will succeed pope benedict the 16th......after is ssrprise resiggntion this moonnng. &pmornnng..he eiggty-five yeer - old pope says he does not havee the ssrength to continue as -3 leaaer of theeccurrh.even the &ppope'' cardinals ann closest aidds did not see this coming great speculatton now begins & about who theecollege of cardinals will selecc to lead the world's estimattd onn billioo catholics. 3 ruddy says: "i -& thinkkit is more llkelyyit 3 america or another ne ffthe &pcontinentt. i thinkkthere is & jjst tooomuch concern that -3 havinggaa american would be too muchhof a concentration of
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ppweerin america.""- ameeica."a vaaican &psppkesperson says they hope is to have a new pope in place by in 14-15 p3 in baatimore.../ -3 there's... plenty of surprise... tt the popees....announcemenn...///. annnoucement...///.as... & the shrine... of... st..alphonsus... news..../.some... onder about hissphyyscal difficultiess.. t... agg william lori... was also he offered praiis for thee-pontiif. (lori) "his holiness is a profounddand loving teaccer of 3 deefnder of humaa rights....humility, refleccion and wisdom." &pwisdom.""... vvte o elect a 3 ssccessor... is... epected by... the college of he end of march. p3 presiient... ben ccrson? & that's... the pall... tooaction.../ after... 3 from... johns hopkins.... -3 challenged...
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prrsident obama... &pface-to-ffce ...last week.... - on... everytting... froo taxxs.... to health caae..- care.critics say carron crossed the the and as not politically 3 dr. ben carron, joons hopkins pediatric neurossrgeonn & kristine frazao: dr. benn carsonn joons hoppins pediatric neurosurgeon: "this ttis is a problem for all off uu."for doctor benjamin carson, americas problees run took straighh to the presiddnt parshly criticized the direction this countty is &'' his ake o the wwy thh tax system in this &pcounry shoulddbe.[[speech: &p20:03-20:099] "you make 10 billion dollars, you puttin a billion. you make 10 ddllars yyu put in onee (butt togetherr -3 [[speech: 20:14-20:26]]"somm people wwll say that's ot & fair because ii doesn't hurt phe guy with $10 billion doolars as mmch as it hurtt the guys with 10. where does ii say you ottto hurt the dollars in the pot."perhhps caason spoke disapprovinglyy about hhallhcare s well.
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[[from sseech 21:14-21:29]] &&phere''smy solution: when a person is born, give them a & birrh ceetificate, an electronic medical reccrd and a health savings account too whhch money can be -3contributed. when you die you meebers.[[can we show yyutubb page with huunrees f thousands oo hits]]the 27 3&pviral.and an op-ed in the wall 3 with us sundaya&.and -33&pconttnued hhs criticiimmof jjhns hopkinn pediatric neurosurgeon:"we're ccntinuing & to iicrrase te size off government. weere continuing to increase this big bureaucracy. we're continuing to inninuate more and morr provider and the atient. all offthis does not lead to good - care."kristine frazao one of the things quiie a few people -3 who saw the speech are ttlking about, is he reaction of & those in attenddce. weeaskke doctor carson to give us his take on how his speech was president.dr. ben carson, neurrsurggon: "prrtty stonefaced through most off t. & i don't think he's ussd to
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&phaving people around who say things that arrn't very plattering to hii." in washiinton im kk reporting 3 youucan ee doctor en &pccrson's entire speech on our websitt foxbaltimorredot ccm... click on around the web & undee hot topics. 3 it's onlyymid- februaryy-and &pgas prices are lready going up--fast.triple a repoots the nationnl averagg is three &pdollars ann fiityyniie cents a gallon. gallon. thaa's up 7 ccnts frrm just lst week. wwek.and uu 28 cents rrm & last month. some peoppe longer fillluu their gaa ankk. inssead theyyonly put in &penough gasoline to gettthem tt - where they need to go. 3 ((sot))triple a says gas priccs could reach close to fourrdollars a galllo by april.the ise in prices is & oil priies and some refinnriee
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closing permanentty or shuttinggdownnfor aintenance. 3 beeorr you hit the road, yyu'll want toochecc out sure you get thee osttmiieagg pptrol traaks the llwest gass -3 prices aaywheee you are andd -& makes sure yyu're not payiig a &ppent mmre than yyu ave to. just go to fox bbltimore ddo coo and loo for our pump patrol under hot topics. 33 ggod dayy.. for... the recipient,... clinton om-eeeha, ... steaas the show... -&p ahead of his father'ssceremony. -3 ceremony. liitle... colin... eeploring thh stage ...around the presidentiall poodum...//. a memmer of he audience... trying to coax him bbck to his seat../.. but... the little boy... makes a quick dash to the chaii... reservvd for his father.../?. presideet obama... even sharing a cute &poval office... office... 3 3 obama ssas::"colin is not as shy as clint. he was in the ovvl office and he was raaingg sampled nnmber of the apppes before he found the oneethat was just right."
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3 former staff sergeant... rommeesha... was recognized ffr his courageouu leadershii ...during he deadlyyattack... on a combat outposs ...ii afgganistan - / &pin... 2009...// 3 good day for aamiracce.../ 82- yearr old... terry miraclee. past friday afternoon.... as he heard police chasing a burgllry suspect...//.next thhig -& pirrcle hears them yell... is the suspect... is heading into his own yard....//theeman appeared ...and... innthatt 3& mmve he learned... playing high school fooo ball 655years pgo -/ sooething pe alls... the crrss body -3 block. 111-125"i can do thatt i said -33 to myself not thinking that 3 was mmybe 30 if that." that."mirrcle took out
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3 the susppct's knees... and arrest the man.miracle himseel... is just a little 3 aaother mix of 3 rain and snow.. could be on way. & 3 petsscheck innwith chief mmteorologist vytas reid.. to see whee it will arrive. &p3 3
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3 they started yelling get down,,get back," put us inna &tight hallway. 3 a ggnman opens fire inna delaawre oorthouse... who - police believe he was targeting. 3 phe search continues for an ex-cop... accused in a - shoottng spree.the latest effort to druu uu new leads. that damage, dude" dude" 3southern misssssippi... whatt happened minnues earlier... thaa may ave saved lives. &
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3 gun shots ring out inna couuthoose in delaware...kklling three ann
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injuring several others. 3 police believe tte shooting was over a usttdy dispute..- disputee 3 they tarted yelling "get -3 down, get bbck," put us in aa there for half an hour, three people areedead, innluuing a ggnman, after a shooting in the ew astle couuty coorthouse in wilmington, dellware. shavack into the lobby area of the counnyy courthouse and opened fire. updated information that i can give yoo,,that twwo civilian females were killed - police officers were shottin the exchannee f gunfire." llccl hossittl... hey were aved by theiirbuulet proof veets. the ccaos began at 8am in the public area of he court ouse before a metal detector check point. &p witnesses reeall the -3 ssunds and tension of the fire fighh. valton sayss:"i'm ok nnw.// i know peoole got shot or whatever ecause soon s i pnn that's whenni reacteddannd turned around and just run --3 out of the building."
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officiils are connecting thii shooting with a long standing custodyydispptee.. p the case is pelieved o include the kidnapping of three &pchildren... taken o entral america in a motor home ssveraa years ago, but police dettils... pollcc have alsoonot saii if the shoooer was killed by inflicted un shot wound.bbden - says: "this was not, i reiteraae, this was nnt a random act oo violenne. 3 of a custody dispute that has for several years. t's an ongoing invessigation.(on camm pag) the shoooers identity ssill has not been reeeased, at one point today of the family, and another time we thought it as someooe waittuntil theefinal coroners report. in willington, delaware, steve centanni, fox news. 3 a... milllon-dollaa rewwrd... is... onnthe table... for information... - capture... of a... renegadd... & ex--op in californii. california. 3 a... week... - pfter... police say chhistopher dorner... killed
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him...///. the... search....for the pormer... los angeles... -3 pollce officer... has taken authorities... to the border &pof mexico... aad the san bernardinn 3 dornerr...had hreateneddto 3 officials... and heir & families... in... retaliation... for being fiied... more than... ouur 3 suspected of killing... thee daughter of former lapd & officerr.. and her fiancc. 3&p"this is a man who has pemonstraaeddhh will kill ccviiians who are connected to law enforcemeet. aad, believv me, he will definitely kill somebody to elude ccpture. so don't think it's just about -3 prottcting cops. this man is a threat tt every person in los ageles." angeles." 3 3 thee -a-p-d... has also announced... it wwll reopen the ccse... that - ttrmination...///. he... accused... hisstrrining officer... of... kicking a mentally ill man during a 2007 arrest...///. panel... ruled aaainst him.... & job for filing a false repprt. & cleanup is under way ttday
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&&ppfter.... a tornndo ouches down in southern missiisippi .... causing widesprrad damage within seconds. 3 "oh, my god. i've neverrseen a torrado efore in my life!" "llok at that tornado!! ""- " 3 cell phones nd 3 twister plit thhough briik builliigs, pickeddup trucks pnd plowed through nnighborhoods. aboou 300 homee were damaggd and 100 roads &pblockkd by debris. at least 16 people were injuredd two critically. but o far, no -3 deaths repooted..eatthr officials credit an 18 minute 3 3 some warmee weather to start -3& off the week... but that coull soon change. change. &p3 lett cceck bbck with chief
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vytaa reid. p3 & ,3 a jungle gym
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3 a jungge gym coveree n
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paution tape.... why a school systee speet thhosands of & pollars on a playgrouud... thht kidsscant uss. 3
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3 common sense would tell you... dolllas on a new ppayground... -3 3 3 the only thing allowed on this brand new jungle gym... is caution tape. the purchase was approved by fairfax ccunty phiih thee decided ittwas just poo dangerous for kids.the question is nowwwwat to do with it, sinceeit would cost -3 taxpayers more than 130-thousand dolllrs to remmve pt. 3 phere's something that defies pommon sense.... s many ass42 million americans have errors in their crrdii report.thht's coomission.... they studied reports from hree major -3&pageecies -- equifax, experian and ttans-union.... and found 22 million have ignificant mmsttkes.... some that could coot you money or kkep you from getting a mortgage or a car loan. 3 3&p33 an owl hitches a ride .. but - noo by choice.... how he ended - up stuck insideean suv.
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hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and
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all other major tax stores combined. 3& an owl as a clooe call after getttng hit by an s--uv on the florrda turnpike & ttrnpike 3 get this.... sonji williims found this guy hitching a ride --3 in her suv.sseehittthe owl witt her car on thursday night.... and ssumed the bird peccme road kill.. buttturns out he surviveddand slipped
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into the s-u-v grill.ittwasn't 3& happened. 3 & "there was a family that --3 puuled in front of mm parking 3 said ddn't move, don't movee you have something in the grill of your truck. i said, 'yes, what s it?' and theyy said,, it's an owl.' nd i saidd 'an owl?'" 3 ffsh and wildlife and ann officer opeeee the hood and freed the birdd he appears to be in good hape. 3
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3 the ravens will visst with joe ffacco's agent next week...3 from the in sports nnimited....
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thaa'll do it foo the late edition. i'm jeff barnd. 3 3 and i'm jenniier gilbert. up -3 nnxt ii bruce cunningham with sports uulimitee. unlimited. 33 p3 heaaing intoothe off-season,, & pheeravens know theirtop & riority, job number one-a, is signing quarterbaccjoe &pflacco...a week after the teams prrumphant viitory paradethh two sides have yet to schedule aameeting.. meeting.. & 3 flacco's agent, joe lintt, 3 happpn during the combine next week in indianapolis.. after hii historiccperformance in the playoffs, fllcco can - basically nnmm his price..linta is saas ffacco phould be the highest paidin 3 which
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would be a 15 and half million dollar caphitt..ozzie to that... 3 "we're lookkng to get a ffir deal with joe. aad yes, consume a lot of cap room. butt we arr lookinn for aaffir deal, oe linta is looking ffr a fair deal, and if we are able to get deal done, it willlallow us to participate more n the market, if we o choose. bbt,,we understand 3 that - the season is overr one of the -3 raves resident stars has a medical desicion to make...the ravens say thhy..and ttrrrll suggs...await the resultsof a seconn opinion on suugs' torn biceps...gettinggfarrless attention the thh aahillies tte seaaon, the innury cost suggs just one start thii &p3a lot of peeole thought the -3 eagles were going to cut were wwong....hilll re-signed pheir quarteeback to a 11year,
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-33 10 million dollar deall replacing thee6-year 00 miilion dollar ccntract he signndd n 2011...vick seems --33 like a peerect fit for neww &phead coach chip kelly's -3 offense, which s desiggnd around a mobble q-b...he only played in 10 games last year -3and thrrw 10 inntrceptions tt just 12 touchdownn... 3 ii'ssbecomm status quo i colleee park for the women's bassettall team toobe ranked 7th ranked terps were in durhhm facing the 5th ranked blue deeils...duke, uudefeated -3 in conference plly while - riding a 35-game home winningg -3 streak against acc schools....- sccools...2nddhalf....erps 3but nylon ffom downtown... & maryland takes its first lead of the game llad 44-42....duke &prespondd...chelseaagray beeind &pthe line...3 f her ccaeer- bbck in front by down 9...brenda frese didn'ttlike somethiig...she ot a double from the ame...maryland falls to number 5 duke 71-56....uke & wiin its 36th straiiht home
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get a rematch with the blue comcast center... 3 to the en's side...last year,, towson ouud manage onlyya they're 14-12 aad are in second place in the caaa..aad this ggy, freshman jerooe hairsson is a maaor reason &pwhy...hairrton averaggd over 17 points ppr game ii the viccorreslast week...for tths, 3 the week..tte third time this ssaon he has been so honored. 3 that'll dooit for this eddtion bruce cunniigham...goodnight.
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